Minnesota weather: Freezing drizzle could make roads slick Saturday

Freezing drizzle could make for slick roads in the Twin Cities metro Saturday morning. Looking ahead, the forecast points to possible wintry weather in the middle of next week.

A band of snow early Friday morning left roads slippery in southern Minnesota, but things will be quiet across the region on Friday after the system moves out. However, the sky will remain gray for much of the weekend.

The high on Friday will be about 32 degrees, and temperatures will only fall a couple of degrees below freezing overnight. As a system passes, mist or freezing drizzle is possible Saturday morning. This little bit of precipitation could make side streets and untreated surfaces slippery. 

Temperatures are expected to climb above freezing Saturday afternoon, which should help improve road conditions. The high in the Twin Cities is expected to be 35 degrees. 

Sunday will feature plenty of melting, with an expected high of 36 degrees and possible sunshine. Monday will be mild, with some sun possible and a high of 35 degrees.

Looking ahead to next week, things will be a lot more active. Starting late Tuesday and likely going through Wednesday and Thursday, some significant moisture is possible in the upper Midwest. It's quite likely the precipitation will fall as rain, freezing rain, sleet, and snow combination for much of the state. 

Stay with FOX 9's weather team for the latest on the potential wintry weather next week as it gets closer.