Fall colors starting to peak in the northland

It has finally started feeling like fall around here and the trees are starting to respond, especially in northern Minnesota.  More than a half dozen state parks from Scenic to Charles A. Lindbergh are showing peak conditions with plenty of reds, yellows, and some oranges.  In a typical year, peak conditions typically last around a week depending on weather… and considering it’s going to be pretty tranquil around here through the middle of next week, that should ring true this year as well.

While northern Minnesota is nearing peak, the metro and most of southern Minnesota is struggling to change over because of very mild conditions the last few weeks.  While the weekend and early next week will be nice, it won’t be perfect for quick changeover in color as overnight lows in the 50s are still too warm to get the leaves kicked into high gear. It’s usually the 2nd week of October when colors peak around the metro, but this year could be delayed by more than a week.