Expect tricky commute after Sunday snow

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Parts of central and southern Minnesota and western Wisconsin are under a Winter Weather Advisory through Sunday evening. The advisory also includes most of the Twin Cities metro. 

Another storm system is arriving now into Iowa and Minnesota. A few flurries may decorate the area before sunrise, but the main wave of moisture will move in from Iowa into southern Minnesota toward sunrise and then into central Minnesota shortly after that. Widespread light to moderate snow is expected through the day with it winding down just a little before sunset.  

Overall impacts will be mostly cosmetic, with very little in the way of wind or truly cold air. This should be light fluffy snow so there will be some “fluff factor” to give the advisory area 2 to 4 inches of accumulation, with a pocket of 5 or even a 6 possible depending on how fluffy it gets.

The central and southern metro are included in the advisory where there is the best chance to see 3 inches or more of accumulation, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see even the north metro come away with 3 or so inches.

We get about a 24 hour break before the next storm is likely to arrive area-wide. While there are still a few things to nail down in terms of timing and totals, expect some rough commutes on Tuesday.

Commute impacts:

Monday AM: Moderate Impact… The snow will be long over, but I’m sure there will still be some slippery spots

Monday PM: Low Impact…. The snow with our next storm likely won’t arrive until just after the commute

Tuesday AM: HIGH Impact… Heavy snow at times and some hefty overnight accumulations will likely make travel very difficult

Tuesday PM: HIGH Impact… The falling snow may be over by this point, but the damage will have been done