6th warmest start to March in the Twin Cities

The first 60° day shows up roughly 2 weeks early to the Twin Cities this year. The first 70° typically holds off until April.

March in Minnesota has started VERY mild. Daily high temperatures have already hit the 60s, which is a solid two weeks ahead of average, and amazingly, there hasn’t been a flake of snow in sight, something that is a far cry different from the last couple of years.

Because of all of this dry warmth, the official snow cover in the Twin Cities is no longer at a “trace”… it’s at ZERO. Astonishing considering roughly two weeks ago, we had more than 8 inches of snow on the ground and that snow had been around since late November.

The first nine days have been warm enough to pop the Twin Cities into sixth place for warmest starts to the month since 1872, when records began. While not groundbreaking, it’s certainly notable.

We are far from the only ones to experience the warmth. The central United States is like a blowtorch, with nearly the first third of the month coming in anywhere from 7 to 17 degrees warmer than average. The coasts are a bit cooler, but even the nation as a whole is almost 5 degrees above average, which would easily be the warmest March on record for the country.

But, temperatures will start to slide in spots and as average temperatures really start climbing these next couple of weeks, even our “mega warmth” won’t be nearly as far above average as it has been.

The average temperature for the first 8 days of March across the U.S.