2017-2018 season snowfall update for Minnesota

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Snow totals for the season so far... image courtesy of Ryan Maue and weathermodels.com 

We are now getting into the middle of March which means we are approaching the end of snow season.  While it can and has actually snowed in the metro all the way through the month of May, the typical last few flakes of snow to grace our presence are typically in the last part of March or early April. 

So far, the Twin Cities metro has officially seen nearly 3 inches of snow during the month, with our average around 10 by months’ end.  We are ahead of last year by more than a foot, but only ahead of average by a couple of inches. 

Amazing as it sounds, if we don’t get at least another half a foot of snow this season, we will end our season below the average, which is 54 inches.

As you look around the state and the region, the metro has been one of the few locations to fare pretty well in the snow category this year with many areas around the metro coming in well shy of average.  Even parts of northeastern Minnesota are still a shade below the average on the season, despite topping 70 inches in some areas.  Areas just west of the metro have fared the worst, with widespread 24 to 30 inch totals, down well over a foot from what’s considered normal.

While a warm up is likely for the end of the week and the weekend, long range forecasts (as much of a coin toss as they can be) still show signs that the second half of March will be cooler and wetter than normal overall, giving us above average chances at seeing some more wintry precipitation.