Men, it's time to update your underwear

From space age fabrics to shape-wear, men's underwear has come of age. Now guys can live a more comfortable, active lifestyle with these updated styles.  It's time to make a change, and ditch the white undies your mom used to buy for you. Your underwear should make you feel comfortable and confident.

SWAV - Made from moisture-wicking material with an anti-microbial finish to help find off bacteria growth from sweat, these boxer briefs offer a unique patent-pending SWAV pocket that allows you to put your iPod or phone into them so you can move 'freely about the cabin' or the gym or wherever without having to hold on to your electronic device.  The brainchild of a college student who had an idea and used crowd funding to get make his dream a reality.

UFM - Made from a lightweight, breathable fabric, UFM offers a unique, adjustable-pouch system strategically placed inside the underwear.  With the pull of a string, you can adjust the amount of isolation, comfort and support the wearer desires at any given moment.  The fly also offers a mesh fly panel which helps keep your cool and dry.  UFM comes in boxer briefs for brief styles.

McKilliop - What's interesting about McKillop is that you can either get their styles in modal, which is a soft, cottony-like fabric or in mesh.  One might wonder why would you want mesh?  Typically it is used to keep things cool.  It's a great fabric choice since the cut gives you support, and the fabric keeps airflow going.  Guys who have low-sperm counts, this is a great choice for you.  McKillop also has an 'Enhancement' line that lifts your assets, for those of you who wish you had more junk in your trunk.

D. Hedral - Knitted seamlessly from a lightweight Italian cotton, they are the creators of the iconic 'Gigolo Joe brief' which features sporty, thermotape accents.  Their briefs feature a thermotape Y on the rear to emphasize the enhanced silhouette created by their patented anglefit technology for a perfect figure, fitting second skin.

SPANX, or MANX as some refer to it - When you want to pull everything in where it was when you were 18, this is the thing for you.  Slimming innovation like no other, Spanx for men offers a variety of compression shirts with crew and V-necks or even a tank, in white or black.  The Zoned Performance collection is their most hardcore line which targets abs and torso, firms and tones the chest, provides lumbar support and wicks moisture all at once.  For those of you looking to start working out, this is a great way to 'fake it till you make it.' - key word 'men'