Gifts for technology lovers

Monster Elements Headphones for anyone who loves music and appreciates style and design

-          These  iPhone 7-ready headphones, they are completely wireless and feature Pure Monster Sound – really balanced sound with great bass

-          Features advance touch/swipe tech, along with two other ways to connect included a traditional wire.

-          Come in Over-ear and On-ear

-          Starting @ $250  @ – they offer monthly payments starting at $22.



KUSHION for millennials, college students, new apartment dwellers

-          This is a padded, premium Bluetooth speaker. Your guests won’t know where the music is coming from.

-          Kushion can connect to any smart device, including TVs. With hours of battery life, users can connect two Kushions to play simultaneously and up to four devices so you can rotate the DJs.

-          It’s a fun, cool gift to give students living at home or in a dorm, apartment dwellers

-          $299.99 @


KNOMO LONDON great for people who from anywhere, travelers and people on the go, like working moms and dads.

-          KNOMO creates bags and accessories that help you organize your life, stay powered and connected.

-          Great gift  for digital nomads – people who work from anywhere, travelers, and people always on the go.

-          Besides the incredible assortment of styles and fabrics, it’s the technology that KNOMO incorporate that sets them apart.

-          Each bag has compartments to house everything from your phone, keys and passport to sunglasses, laptop and tablets.

-          Most styles feature RFID pockets for your wallet to protect you from digital identity theft

-          They have an eco-system of tech accessories from portable batteries, cables and phone cases that fit perfectly in each bags. So while you’re at dinner, your phone is charging discreetly in your bag.

-          Bag Samples you have

o   Elektronista – start at $199 - $299 (depending on the style (nylon, velvet, leather)

o   Beauchamp Backpacks – start at $179

o   Dale Backpack – leather - $399

-          Accessories:

o   Global World Adapter ($75.99) – UK, US, Asia and Australia

o   10,000 Mah Battery  ($79.99) – for smartphones and tablets – recharge smartphone up to 5 times and tablets up to 2 times.

-          Go to [] for more information. Select KNOMO product are available at Macy’s, Nordstrom’s online and anthropologie


Monster Digital Monster Vision VR – For Sports Enthusiasts, video Fanatics and Travelers

-          The Monster Vision VR (it’s like a Go PRO), but you can shoot in virtual reality.  It has a dual lens so you shoot 360 degrees – great for travelers and for shooting sports events.

-          What is great about Monster Digital is that all their cameras come with between 12 – 16 accessories – right out of the box.

-          This one is $379, but they have cameras as low as $99 this holiday season – all with the accessories.