Craft a cute Halloween tree

Did you know that Halloween has fast become the second most decorated holiday, right behind Christmas?  I have several Halloween trees that have 'found' their way into my life.  Mostly the trees and ornaments are collected by online Google searching, various retailers and eBay.

For me the epitome of all holiday ornaments are made by Patricia Breen.  I have been collecting these ornaments for over a decade, mainly through eBay - yet you can find her pieces through many online retailers such as:

A quick Google search will take you on a roller coaster ride.  Having collected her pieces for many years, it's been amazing to witness the level of artistry and detail that now comes out her ornament collections.

Other ornament collections I have are interestingly all made by Dept. 56, yet under various artist lines and are no longer being manufactured.  For the hunter/hoarder like me, an eBay search tool will help you locate these.

Glitterville Marionette Ornaments
Krinkles by Patience Brewster
Dept. 56

The Halloween trees themselves were also located via eBay.  All of the trees I own were mostly manufactured by Dept. 56., the bare brand trees, marabou feather tree and pre-lit black tree - those are the specific key words you would want to use to find those exact items.

I also have a black feather tree with orange tips, which can be easily found through a web search.  These trees are made by wrapping goose feathers around a wire form.  A quality 4 ft. tree will run you around $180 - here is an example -