Celebrating Valentines Day at home

Celebrating Valentine's Day at home means you can have the most amazing meal and not break the bank. I understand some might not feel special cooking their own Valentine's Day dinner, yet there are those of us who absolutely love to cook and enjoy it.

This meal is inspired a menu one might find at an upscale steakhouse, yet for 1/4 of the price (little well-kept secret is steak and lobster are usually always on sale at Cub the week of Valentine's Day).

Traditional steak au poivre (steak encrusted with black pepper), which is fairly quick and easy is paired with a spin on potatoes gratin by using cauliflower and bacon. Finished off with a chocolate Neopolitan cake (which can be made a day or two in advance) -- you can feed your whole family on this budget!

For the roses, I simply thinned out the glue I traditionally use to glitter with and place it in a small spray bottle. Then lightly sprayed the roses with the mixture, followed by a sprinkling of glitter to add a special touch to the bouquet. www.ArtGlitter.com

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