80's and 90's trends back in style

No trend is truly new, and many of the colors, styles, and garments we were wearing during the 80's and 90's are considered stylish once again. Here are some examples you may have in your closet right now!

Birkenstocks - These comfy sandals have been around for many decades, but saw a surge in popularity during the 90s. All the cool kids are wearing them again now, as well as Birkenstock-like knockoffs. 

Destroyed denim - A 90s staple that has been super chic for the past few years. Light distressing works just as well as truly destroyed denim.

Neon - Neon colors ruled the 80s, and although they're not as ubiquitous now as they have been for the past couple of years, you'll see neons and neon-esque colors like citron in magazines and malls.

Crop-tops - The 90s was all about the midriff, and crop tops are back in style now. We used to pair them with low-rise jeans, but you're more likely to see them with high-rise skirts and pants now. 

Denim jackets - We wore them big and boxy in the 80s and 90s, but modern versions are a bit sleeker.