The P.J. Fleck Show, Episode 12

On the heels of a 33-10 loss against Michigan on the road, Minnesota's Head Coach P.J. Fleck drew a picture of two graphs: one of a straight, upward line, one jagged--with hills and valleys--also trending upward.

The first, he said, is what people think success looks like. The second is what success actually looks like. 

If that's the case, Saturday's loss to Michigan surely puts Fleck's Gophers squarely at the bottom of a valley, though one he hopes they can climb out of--and quick. 

Saturday brings another Big Ten opponent in Nebraska, with the Cornhuskers coming off an overtime heartbreaker against Northwestern. With Nebraska's run defense struggling and the Gophers' backfield shining, Fleck is hopeful about his chances--but knows the team needs to improve in order to close out the home stretch of the season. 

The Fox 9 team stopped by TCF Bank stadium to talk resilience, culture shift and all things Gopher football.