Perturbed Zimmer pushes Vikings defense to perform at training camp

Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Zimmer was pushing the defense to perform better on Thursday at training camp in Eagan.

The head coach called out his defensive squad while speaking with members of the media during a break at camp, and as he was complimenting the offensive performance.

"The offense has a lot of grit and fight," Zimmer said. "And I haven't seen much out of the defense yet. So, that's where my major concern is at this point."

Zimmer went onto question the effort put forth by the players, saying while the defenders aren't making mistakes, and know the scheme, the intensity level isn't there.

"It's a little bit of maybe complacency," Zimmer explains. "'Hey, we're in the top five defense every year, blah blah blah…' You know, whatever." 

"They need to get more competitive," Zimmer concluded. "We need to come out here and compete every day. All the situations, the offense has won every time. If they want to be great on defense, they got to play with a chip on their shoulder, and I haven't seen it yet."

The defense has some time to get its act together. The Vikings are a little over a week from their first preseason game on the road against the Saints next Friday, August 9.