Kevin Durant and Draymond Green address their infamous dispute

Kevin Durant and Draymond Green talked about what happened after an emotional exchange which they claimed led to the breakup of the back-to-back NBA champion "Golden State Warriors" team on Green's online show. 

Durant appeared on Green's talk show for the online sports network, Bleacher Report, and discussed why Durant decided to leave the Warriors in 2019, after winning consecutive titles. 

Green and Durant blamed Coach Steve Kerr, and General Manager Bob Myers, for the fallout. They said Kerr and Myers mishandled an emotional incident between the two players, during an overtime loss to the Los Angeles Clippers in 2018. 

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"How much did our argument against the clippers drive you to ultimately leave the warriors?" asked Green. 

"It wasn't the argument," said Durant. "It was the way everybody, Steve Kerr, actually acted like it didn't happen. And Bob Myers tried to discipline you, and think that would put a mask over everything."

Green later said he told the Warriors that only he and Durant could settle their dispute, and there was nothing the team could do. 

However, Kerr and Myers still wanted Green to apologize to Durant and later suspended him for one game. 

Neither Kerr nor Myers responded to the latest revelations.