Joe Mauer, Twins bring superhero capes to hospital patients

Joe Mauer has become a true “hometown hero” in his decade-long tenure with the Twins, but on Thursday he met with a few of the smallest superheroes in town.

Mauer and a few of his sidekick teammates visited Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare to hand out hero capes to kids as part of the team’s “Hope Week.”

“We come here to visit the kids and it’s great to see the families and the kids because they are so positive,” Mauer said. “They are going through a tough time, but this really is a special place.”

No kryptonite could contain the excitement of some patients. Players brought super smiles to every room and they also signed everything: caps, capes and even casts.

The Twins have felt their own share of stresses this year, but worries about records and stats seem so small when these baseball superstars come face to face with these everyday super kids.

“At times throughout the season it can be really tough, but you come in here and it really puts things into perspective,” Mauer said. “To see the positive attitudes and the way the kids go about the challenges they are dealt really inspires us too.”