Gophers name Max Brosmer captain for 2024 season

Call it the new way of college athletics, the new landscape of college football. Call it whatever you want, but the University of Minnesota football team opened spring practice last week with a bit of a different vibe.

The Gophers held a workout Saturday at Athletes Village that was open to recruits and boosters, but not the general public. It was, however, open to members of Dinkytown Athletes. That’s Minnesota’s collective for name, image and likeness, which allows student-athletes to make money through their brand. So if you donate to the collective, you can come and watch practice.

Minnesota is having one spring practice open to the public, and not having a Spring Game. P.J. Fleck explained that decision last week.

"Being able to have our fans understand the changing of college football, the changing of college athletics, I want our fans and urge our fans to be a part of Dinkytown Athletes. It was strictly to benefit our football program, period," Fleck said.

One player who is standing out early is Max Brosmer, a graduate transfer from New Hampshire who is the favorite to be the starting quarterback. He led the FCS in passing last year, and in two months on campus, is already showing his leadership. His teammates voted him a captain for the 2024 season.

"It means a ton. I think leadership is something that I strive to be the best version of myself that I can. Playing quarterback, there’s a dependency of leadership at the position," Brosmer said after Saturday’s practice. "If you can come in in two or three months and be able to do that, I’m proud of myself but also super thankful for my team believing in me in such a short amount of time. Buying into me is the ultimate respect."

Fleck has already taken notice that players are buying into Brosmer.

"He’s already a captain, players vote on that. For him to be in the role that he is already, that takes a lot of work. He’s a really good player, the data is out there to support that. But we’ve got to continue to keep that arrow moving and needle moving for him to be able to close that gap," Fleck said.

Fresh off winning a state championship, Fleck is already impressed with freshman Drake Lindsay. He’s poised to be the starter as early as 2025 after Brosmer’s departure.

"Pairing him with a guy like Max has accelerated his growth. What he’s been able to handle in the two practices and executing at the same level as Max is, I haven’t seen that before from a true freshman," Fleck said. "We’re only two practices in, but you can tell how hard a guy wants it. Drake is exactly what we thought he was."

The Gophers will hold a spring workout open to the public on Thursday, April 11.