Dalton Risner's favorite Twin Cities food spots? Taco Libre, Tono's & Kyndred Hearth

Dalton Risner was at mandatory mini camp on Tuesday after signing a one-year deal with the Minnesota Vikings, but he might have a career on the Food Network after football.

In his free time in Minnesota, he’s already found some of his favorite restaurants. And playing on the offensive line, a guy needs to eat. His favorites so far since coming to the Twin Cities last fall? Taco Libre, Tono’s Pizzeria & Cheesesteaks and Kyndred Hearth.

Here are his go-to foods at each:

Taco Libre – "Great joint man, oh my gosh. I get a Mega Quesabirria, they got a salsa bar, orchata, pfff."

Tono’s Pizzeria & Cheesesteaks – "I get the south Philly, two over easy eggs, some bacon, caramelized onions, green peppers, on a bed of French fries… Come on dawg."

Kyndred Hearth – "I wrap off the day at Kyndred Hearth with a couple soy eggs on my Caesar salad with a tavern pizza, hot honey pepperoni jalapenio, come on."

He’s not done yet. One place he still needs to check off his list? Nashville Coop. But it might have to wait until next week, after the Vikings get a six-week break before training camp.

"Only place I haven’t been to yet is Nashville Coop. Screw it, I’m going to go to Nashville Coop tonight."

On the actual football side of things, Risner was his usual candid self after practice. He was a free agent in March, but the phone didn’t ring as he expected. He even vented on social media saying he wasn’t seeking a contract to break the bank, but thought he deserved a starting guard contract.

Risner started 11 games for the Vikings at left guard last season after the team traded Ezra Cleveland. So far this offseason, the first team snaps at that spot have gone to Blake Brandel. Late last week, Risner and the Vikings agreed to a one-year deal for the 2024 season.

"I love the Vikings. I think it’s a respect deal. There’s no reason to wait out a team who had an offer on the table. To be honest with you I wasn’t getting much action anywhere else. I wanted to play in the NFL, I wanted to get here earlier than September," Risner said. "I want the league to know that I want to play football. I don’t want it to be two years in a row where I’m waiting it out until the last second. Hopefully more of a statement from my end, the Vikings know how serious I am about helping this football team this year."

He wants to play, but the best route to get there is through practice and being a good teammate. That’s his mindset.

"Wherever the coaches put me is where they put me, and let the chips fall where they may. You’ve got to have the mindset of how can I be a great teammate? How can I continue to grow and respect this football team around me? How can I make the most of this opportunity? How can I become better as a football player? That’s what I’ve got to do each and every day, the rest will sort itself out," Risner said.