Woman who crochets scarves for the needy receives heart transplant

In early June, Fox 9 covered a story of a woman who needed a new heart.  Now, after a very short wait, Elizabeth Sammons, who spends her time crocheting scarves for the needy, got her transplant just two weeks ago and is ready to go home.

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Sammons was able to manage making four scarves for the needy while waiting for her transplant, but her old heart was getting weak.

"I would fall asleep while crocheting," Sammons said. "That would be an issue."

But now, with a steady heartbeat and better energy, she's back at it.

"I have a regular heart rhythm too now, that's kind of odd," Sammons said. "I feel really good, I mean, starting to feel normal, whatever that means."

She still has a goal of crocheting 1,000 scarves by December to hang in trees. This winter, Sammons and her friend attached scarves to trees in Faribault with a note that says "I'm not lost! If you are stuck out in the cold, please take this to keep warm!"

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Sammons is hoping to go home sometime this week, and should soon be strong enough to volunteer her time in any way she'd like.