Woman rescued from sinking vehicle by Good Samaritans

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A terrifying rescue was caught on camera when an SUV went into a lake and a Good Samaritan jumped in to save the woman inside.

Police in Arlington say the 68-year-old woman was apparently trying to back into a parking lot. Instead, she drove over a curb and landed in the Spy Pond.

Several bystanders saw the SUV in the water and realized it was sinking fast. They jumped into the water and tried to pull the woman out. Just as the SUV begins to go under, the person in the water can be heard yelling “I lost her,” but as he starts to swim away, the woman appears above the water.

People on the shoreline start yelling, “there she is!” and “she’s behind you!”

Meanwhile, another bystander jumped in to help. The two Good Samaritans helped bring her back to shore. Police said she was cold, but otherwise unhurt.