When does Minnesota spring snow typically stop falling?

Now that we have entered April, the general thought is that we are done with winter, and therefore, done with snow.  But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

While there are years where the snow is over in March, more times than not, there are flakes that fly in April. 

So when are we typically done with snow? 

Well, just like every other aspect of weather in Minnesota, that answer can vary greatly.  There are years where the flakes are done by March first and other years where we are nearly to June and the white is a sight.  BUT, when you average out every year of weather on our records list, you get the solution in the picture above. 

On average, the last ACCUMULATING snow happens in the first ten days of April in southern Minnesota and through much of the metro. Most of central and northern Minnesota aren’t done until about the third week of April. You head to the border region and areas around Lake Superior though, and the average last accumulating snow can be as late as the first week of May. 

So even though the calendar reads spring, just like in the fall, snow can be a common sight.