'We're going to find you': Police crack down on street racing in Twin Cities metro

Authorities say street racing in the Twin Cities metro has become far too common and continue to pose threats to the area.

In recent weeks, groups have been seen "hot rodding" and drag racing in Minneapolis, as well as in suburbs like Brooklyn Park, racing down the highway and then moving locations throughout the area. When police showed up, people threw rocks and bottles, damaging squad cars.

“They’re almost like a flash mob; they pop up in a moment’s notice, they communicate over social media and as soon as we get enough resources to deal with it, they move onto the next location,” said Lt. Nick Torborg with Minneapolis Police.

Last week, the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office announced they would be cracking down on the activities and helping police respond to calls. So, this past weekend, Minneapolis Police got the help they needed.

“These aren’t people joy riding, these are criminals who belong in jail,” said Hennepin County Sheriff Dave Hutchinson.

The sheriff’s office, along with air support from the Minnesota State Patrol, helped MPD make 62 traffic stops and issue 27 tickets. While they were at it, they also arrested four people on active warrants, recovered four illegal guns, one stolen car, and made seven weapons arrests. Authorities even arrested someone for child endangerment as they had a six-year-old in their back seat.

“If you come down here and you cause problems, we’re going to find you and we’re going to tow your cars and take you to jail.”

Officials also arrested a man investigators call an “organizer” of the lawlessness, as he’s behind social media accounts that tell everyone where to go. According to the sheriff, the Minnesota Freedom Fund posted his bail and he’s already out of jail.

“I can’t control what happens in the judicial system; I can only control what happens on the streets…we have plenty more arrests to make if need be.”