Police say street racing becoming a problem in Minneapolis, metro

A video shared on social media over the weekend captured a group of drivers “hot-rodding” in an intersection in Minneapolis’ North Loop. Police say the same group had been engaging in similar behavior throughout the city.   

The video shows several cars doing donuts at the intersection of South Washington Avenue and 3rd Avenue South Saturday night while a large crowd of people watched. 

Minneapolis Police Department spokesperson John Elder said the drivers were “creating a dangerous environment that threatens the safety of others while damaging property.” 

Police responded to the intersection and were met with “hostile and aggressive behavior,” Elder said. The crowd reportedly threw rocks and bottles at the officers. The group had dispersed by the time more officers arrived. 

No officers were injured, but a squad car was damaged.

"The most alarming part of it when cops come and intervene, in the old days, people were respectful enough to pack up and go somewhere else. Now, they confront the cops, they threaten to assault them, throws rocks and bottles at the squad cars. It’s not acceptable,” Hennepin County Sheriff Dave Hutchinson added.

Sheriff Hutchinson said that with MPD short-staffed right now, it’s going to take a joint effort to crackdown on the street lawlessness in the city. He said he will assign some deputies to assist with saturation efforts, with plans being finalized for the Minnesota State Patrol to launch its chopper for aerial surveillance and backup.

Moving forward, the sheriff said officials will be out enforcing the law and towing vehicles when necessary.

“We’re working together. People need to be held accountable; we can’t let these people tear up our city and damage stuff and possibly hurting people. We’re going to arrest people, we’re gonna tow cars and if you’re going to do that stuff, do it outside Hennepin County.”