Wedding postponed by Hurricane Matthew brings unexpected joy

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A wedding that had to be postponed due to Hurricane Matthew is bringing some unexpected joy.

Andrew Matuskowitz and his fiancée Elizabeth Gilbert planned to have their wedding on October 8, 2016 in Charleston, SC.

Due to a mandatory evacuation of the coast in preparation of Hurricane Matthew making landfall, the couple had to postpone their wedding until November 5, 2016.

The couple wasn’t sure what to do with their pre-ordered wedding flowers. They chose to bring the flowers to Piedmont Medical Center in Rock Hill, SC and deliver them to patients that transferred from coastal-area hospitals, new mothers, and patients undergoing cancer treatment.

No one expected what would happen with the final flower delivery.

The last order was given to Dennis and Ann Allman. Ann is currently undergoing chemotherapy at the hospital.  

Little did Andrew and Elizabeth know, the new date of their wedding is the same day Dennis and Ann were married, 50 years ago.

In a phone conversation with Andrew and Liz, Ann told the couple, “I hate that you’re missing this wedding day, but there’s a reason.”

Ann went on to say to Liz and Andrew, “They told me about your wedding and we were like oh no, so sad, but then it became happy--you’re getting married November the fifth, that is our 50th anniversary!”

Liz said, “To see two people who have been together almost 50 years still be so madly in love with each other, was really beautiful. To care so much about one another even after all that time, having to hang out.”

Andrew said, “Yes, it was very encouraging and awe-inspiring to see their love for each other, and it gave us something to shoot for and strive for.”

Watch and listen to the conversation the two couples have with one another explaining the situation above.