Weather whiplash in Minnesota: From 80 degrees to snow

Are you feeling weather whiplash after the last week in Minnesota? April brings the highest of the high temperatures and the lowest of the low temperatures, and no one feels that more than seasonal business owners and their customers.

Licks Unlimited, an ice cream shop in Excelsior, opened for the season on Thursday, right in the middle of a stretch of days that reached the upper 80s. Three days later, it was snowing.

"As a seasonal business, we get to experience this every year, and 30 plus years (being open) and we still don't know how to predict it, how to schedule, how to manage inventory. But we also know that when we have those 80-degree days, you have to take advantage of them because the next day you have no clue what it'll be like," Sydney Overfors, the manager at Licks Unlimited.

Despite the low temperatures Sunday, Licks Unlimited’s regular customers showed up, proof that Minnesotans don’t let the weather stop them. They did have thoughts about the weather, though.

"Awful. Sick of this. Ready for it to be spring. Still doesn't feel like spring," said Alec Hill, a customer from Minneapolis.

"I was getting decked out and ready to go for summer and then Minnesota had other plans," said Bo Lomeli-Johnson, a customer from Shorewood.

"Kind of a tease. Like we fully had summer almost here and now it's snowing again. So glad I didn't put away my winter coat," said Hannah Olson, a customer from Minneapolis.

FOX 9 Chief Meteorologist Ian Leonard said these massive temperature fluctuations aren't rare, but that doesn't make them any easier to stomach on days like these.

"April is the highest of the high and the lowest of the low. You think back to last week. On Wednesday, we hit a record high of 88 degrees. Today: not so much. Today, we spent most of the afternoon in the mid-30s," he said.

Leonard said last week marked Fake Summer No. 1 and Fake Summer No. 2 will be here in about a week.