Wayzata, Minn. assisted living facility moves residents due to COVID-19 outbreak

About 40 residents at a senior care facility in Wayzata, Minnesota are being moved after a majority of its staff members have come down with COVID-19.

According to the Minnesota Department of Health, most staff and administration workers at Meridian Manor have become ill or have been forced into quarantine due to the coronavirus.

Officials say the residents are being moved to ensure they can get the care they need while Meridian staff members recover.

The health department says they aren't sure exactly how many many cases of COVID-19 they have at the facility at this time.

Five residents have been taken to the hospital to meet their care needs, a spokesman said in a statement. Others are being relocated with family and some will be moved to a nearby long-term care facility.

Families are being notified of the moves, the Department of Health added.

One hundred and 21 people have died from COVID-19 in Minnesota. The median age of deaths has been 85 and many of the deaths have been patients at care facilities.