Wagner's Drive-In hit by car on 2 straight Labor Day weekends

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Damage sustained by Wagner's Drive-In after a car crashed into the kitchen on Labor Day.

Employees and generous community members are trying to reopen a popular drive-in restaurant after it was hit by a car on Labor Day. For the second time in two years, Wagner’s Drive-In Restaurant in Brooklyn Park, Minn. suffered significant damage after a car drove into the building on Labor Day.

The driver crashed into a large section of the drive-in’s kitchen area, puncturing a nearly-new freezer, bending a large sink and smashing many pots, pans and other cooking utensils. The restaurant’s vintage speaker box is also in pieces and will likely never work again.

The driver has not been caught.

Tanya Monroe, one of the drive-in’s employees, is trying to help owner James Wagner reopen his restaurant. She set up a GoFundMe account aimed at helping offset the costs of rebuilding the restaurant.

“My goal is to help give back to Jim,” Monroe wrote on the GoFundMe page. “He has done so much for others like myself, [including] catering free of cost to events to raise money for wounded officers, and fire fighters.”

For more information head to the GoFundMe page, Please Help Wagner’s Drive-In.