Video shows explosion inside Dar Al Farooq Islamic Center in August

Fox 9 is getting a first look at video inside Dar Al Farooq Islamic Center when an explosive went off inside the building in August.

Leaders at the center in Bloomington released the video in hopes that someone will come forward to help investigators catch who did this.
The video shows people responding to an initial report of a fire that early Saturday morning. There’s panic and the bomb goes off.

At least one suspect threw some type of improvised explosive device through the window of the imam’s office inside the Islamic Center on Park Avenue in Bloomington.

Several worshipers were inside at the time. No one was injured or killed.

Mohamed Omar, the center’s executive director, says after more than two months, his community needs to know who did this and why.

"It blows, you can see it shakes the camera,” said Omar. “You can see it put a lot of cracks into the cement wall. Thank God nobody got hurt, but the one who did it wanted to hurt someone and wanted to kill someone.”

Omar says people at the center have lost a sense of security.

The case is still under investigation by the FBI.