Video: Law enforcement fires paint projectile at residents on porch during curfew in Minneapolis

A viral video showing the use of force against residents on their porch in Minneapolis during the curfew on Saturday is drawing outrage.

In a video posted to Twitter by Tanya Kerssen, law enforcement are seen marching down a residential street in the Whittier neighborhood of Minneapolis behind military vehicles.

The video identifies the person who fired the projectile as a member of the National Guard, a claim the Guard denies saying in an email statement, "The enforcement officers in this tweet are not members of the Minnesota National Guard."

As soldiers move, they order people to go inside their homes. When they reach Kerssen's address, they again direct several individuals on the porch to go inside.

When Kerssen's group hesitates, a man says "light them up" before another fires what Kerssen says was a paint canister.

The canister hits one of the residents, and all the individuals quickly rush inside.

In the video, the woman struck says she is okay.

After being posted Saturday night, the video has gone viral, with many upset with the force used for individuals on their own property.

The presence of the National Guard is part of increased enforcement of Minneapolis' curfew in the face of riots that have left significant damage among many communities across the Twin Cities.