Video evidence in Scarsella trial reveals moments before shooting

Video evidence, now released by the court to the media, paints a clearer picture of Allen “Lance” Scarsella and the moments that led up to the shootings at the Black Lives Matter protests in Minneapolis in 2015.

A jury found Scarsella guilty of assault and rioting after shooting five men outside the police department's 4th precinct.

Cameras weren’t allowed in the courtroom for the trial, so this is the first time most of the evidence has been released.

Other cell phone videos show him whipping out his handgun from his shoulder holster, as well as firing the weapon he would eventually use outside 4th precinct police headquarters to seriously injure five African-American men.

A live-streamed video taken from the sidewalk fence line along Plymouth Avenue shows the moments just before Scarsella opened fire.

Scarsella is seen with a trio of buddies when they are quickly surrounded by agitated demonstrators, concerned about outside visitors to their encampment following the police shooting death of Jamar Clark. Unfortunately, Scarsella's phone didn't record audio that night.

Scarsella testified he and his crew tried to flee peacefully.

But that they were pursued as they left the scene. Scarsella and his legal team argued that he only opened fire because he saw one man pull out a weapon and feared for his life, making it a case of justifiable self-defense. But the jury didn't buy it.

Other images show the injured lying helpless on the ground stirring sympathy. Other pictures show the lasting scars.

Prosecutors using some of the defendants own disgusting and hateful words against him.

The evidence also included text messages talking about "shooting blacks," others calling for them to be gassed.

Scarsella's sentencing is scheduled for March 10, but Fox 9 is told the defense is asking for more time.

Prosecutors, meanwhile, want Scarsella sent away for the maximum sentence, which would add up to about 19 years.