VIDEO: Bear takes a dip in koi pond behind home

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A man discovered something unusual on his security cam - a bear took a dip in his backyard koi fish pond.

Bob Bramley lives in the mountains of Fresno County, California. He said he was sitting in his living room around 10:20 p.m., not knowing that something was going on right outside of his window. When he came out to his little koi pond the next morning, he noticed things were out of place. That's when he decided to take a look at his security video.

"I have seen deer drink here quite a bit. At first, that's what I was thinking, but quickly I realized, ‘oh wait a minute, that's a bear.’ He just slowly and very gingerly climbed over," Bramley said, describing what he saw the first time he watched the video.

The bear seemed to relax for a while and didn’t really bother the small fish.

"It’s got to be at least 300 pounds, or something like that," Bramley said. "He's just lazily putting his head on the rock here and munching on the plants."

Bob says the temperature that night was in the 50s, but the bear was enjoying itself like it was in some kind of a hot tub. Bramley said it was quite the contrary. The water was ice cold.

Bramley said he wasn’t going to do anything to keep the bear from coming back, but he will be more aware at night. He said it’s part of the joy of living in the mountains and enjoying the wildlife.