Univ. of Minn. offers new Smart911 safety service to students

The University of Minnesota is offering students and staff a new safety service that will help provide information more quickly when they call 911 during an emergency.

The service is called Smart911. It allows students and staff to create a safety profile online that includes any information they want 911 dispatchers to have access to in an emergency. Safety profiles can include information such as dorm, apartment or office locations, emergency contacts, medical history or a photo. When students or staff members make a 911 call from their cell phone, the safety profile is immediately displayed to the 911 dispatcher.

“The information may reduce the amount of time it takes to locate you in an emergency, or provide first responders critical information necessary to treat a serious medical condition,” the U of M Department of Public Safety said in a statement.

Smart911 is new to the U of M, but it is already being used in more than 1,500 cities across the country Anytime an individual dials 911 in a location that supports Smart911, their safety profile will be available to that 911 dispatcher.

U of M students, faculty, staff and visitors can sign up for the service and create their safety profile at smart911.com. All information in the profile is private and will only be seen by a someone when the owner calls 911.