Tyre Nichols: Twin Cities community leaders respond to video: 'Heartbroken. Sad. Disturbing’

The videos of Tyre Nichols' beating and arrest have prompted a range of emotions across the country and here in Minnesota.

Fox 9 spoke to a couple of community leaders about their reactions to what they saw.

"Heartbroken. Sad. Disturbing. That in 2023, we are still watching another black man's life, not at that point taken. but beaten so severely that he died a few days later," said Tyrone Terrill, president of the African American Leadership Project.

"No officer there showed any humanity for a man that, very similar to George Floyd, cried for his mother and again no humanity," said Terrill.

"You are supposed to be part of us. You are supposed to be part of the African American nation. You are in the city of Memphis. Our greatest leader ever died in your city, in order for you to get those jobs and how do you repay Dr. King? You murder a black man. so for me it hurts even more," said Terrill.

"The fact that there was nobody there that could de-escalate the situation or who decided to step up to de-escalate that situation. But what was most disgusting and disturbing was that he was not rendered any medical care for quite some time and was left unattended at some points in that abuse," said Lisa Clemmons of A Mother's Love.

Our sons will always call for us, so I understand how his mother feels hearing him call for her. But here on our soil, we are trying very, very hard to help our people heal from what we experienced with George Floyd," said Clemmons.

Neither leader believes there will be any unrest in Minnesota.

In fact,  A Mother's Love was out talking to community members on Friday to head off any potential trouble.