Twins act as ‘Home Alone’ duo The Wet Bandits ahead of Christmas holiday, viral video shows

Well if these aren’t the cutest lil’ Wet Bandits we’ve ever seen!

Six-year-old twins, Haven and Koti Garza, reenacted a scene from the holiday classic "Home Alone," dressing as the dynamic duo Marv and Harry, ahead of Christmas. 

Their mom Adrea Garza told FOX Television Stations that she watched the movie with her daughters for the first time last Christmas and they had been wanting to recreate the "bad guys scene" ever since.

"My girls and I love Home Alone!," she shared. "Home Alone 1 and 2 are on repeat at our house throughout the year, especially at Christmas time!"

The pictures and footage were posted to social media and have since went viral, racking up nearly 140,000 likes and over 800 comments.

Meanwhile, their other social media posts have already garnered millions of views, and their TikTok account @garzacrew already has over 3.6 million followers.

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"Recreating movie scenes is one of their favorite types of content to make," Adrea continued. "They’ve re-enacted several scenes from ‘The Little Rascals,’ as well as ‘Stranger Things!’ Most recently, they are working on recreating some scenes from the Netflix show ‘Wednesday!’" 


Twins dress up as 'Home Alone' characters Marv and Harry. (Credit: garzacrew, Adrea Garza)

She and her daughters, who reside in Edmond, Oklahoma, have had fun playing dress-up before. 

In 2020, Haven and Koti dressed as political rivals then-President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden ahead of Election Day.


Sisters Haven and Koti Garza dressed up as this year’s presidential candidates, president Donald Trump and former vice president Joe Biden.  (@garzacrew)

"I hunted down some boys’ suits. Found some flag pins, and knew I had to put Biden in a mask and his signature aviator sunglasses. Finally, I slicked back my brunette twin’s hair and sprayed it with white hairspray. That was her favorite part," Adrea told FOX at the time." I added the ‘spray tan’ for President Trump and combed over my blonde twin’s hair. To finish out the look, she added the signature pouty lips and thumbs up!"

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This story was reported from Los Angeles.