Trump campaign gearing up in Minnesota

The Minnesota Donald Trump campaign is preparing for a Friday fundraising event in Minneapolis, but got word Wednesday that there will be no public rally.

Trump volunteer Sherri Auclair says Minnesota is still critical to the Trump campaign, especially if it can make a dent in a traditionally blue presidential state.

“It would be wonderful if you won Minnesota,” said Auclair.  “But if you could bring that down to a couple of points, that will resonate through the entire country because this is a tough nut to crack.” 

Auclair believes Trump’s message of law and order and jobs will resonate with swing democrats.  She believes Trump stands a good chance to draw support from the Iron Range where layoffs have been brought on by the oversupply in the steel industry.

“The regulations, it’s killing them.  It’s killing jobs.  People want to work.  They don’t want your government to step in and make it hard for you to do business,” said Auclair.

The Trump campaign has hired two staff members with campaign experience to coordinate the Minnesota efforts. Mike Lukach who ran Stewart Mills’ congressional campaign in 2014 is Trump’s Minnesota campaign director.  Former Marty Seifert campaigner Andrew Post is the communications director.