Tom Brady shares Minnesota childhood memory of trying chewing tobacco

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is looking leave Minnesota with happy Super Bowl memories, but before the big game he is reflecting on some other Minnesota memories.

"That was one thing as a kid you could do in Minnesota is catch a lot of fish," said Brady. "Those were always some of my greatest memories being out on the lake with my uncles, my grandpa, my parents, my sisters. So much fun."

The quarterback has family ties to Browerville, Minn. where he used to visit in the summer as a kid. At a press conference Tuesday, Brady opened up about a life lesson he learned on a family fishing trip.

With a sly grin, Brady jumped into a tale of the first time he tried chewing tobacco when he was young kid. One time when his family was heading back from the lake to his grandparents' farm, he asked his uncles if he could try their chewing tobacco.

"They said, 'Look if we give it to you then, you know, you can't spit it out until you get home,'" said Brady.

Even though it was a 30-minute ride back to the farm, young Tom took on the challenge.

"So, of course they give it to me and within five minutes, I'm outside the car throwing up all over the place," said Brady. "I don't think I've had much chewing tobacco since then."

With the Super Bowl this Sunday, Brady is hoping to leave Minnesota this time without a bad taste in his mouth.