Tires slashed on over 30 vehicles at Bloomington apartment complex

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Police in Bloomington, Minnesota are investigating after the tires were slashed on more than 30 vehicles in the same area early Sunday morning. 

The majority of the vehicles that were damaged were in the parking lot of the Cedar Commons apartment complex at 8680 Old Cedar Avenue, although some vehicles parked in nearby driveways also had their tires slashed, Deputy Chief Mike Hartley said. 

Security video captured footage of the suspects. Hartley said it appears the same group of young people, possibly juveniles, damaged all the vehicles.  

Detectives are working to identify the suspects. 

“Hopefully, we can identify them and get them charged so something like this does not happen again,” Hartley said.

Anyone with information regarding the crimes is asked to call the Bloomington Police Department at 952-563-4900.