Thieves steal car with Richfield teen’s wheelchair inside

A Richfield mother whose car was stolen from a grocery store parking lot Saturday is begging for the thieves to return some precious cargo that was inside. 

Tamika Williams says her son’s custom wheelchair was in the trunk of her 2017 Hyundai Tucson when it was stolen from the Cub Foods parking lot around 6:30 p.m. 

Williams says her 18-year-old son has Cerebral palsy and is immobile without a wheelchair. 

"That chair is more valuable than the car," said Williams. "Without this wheelchair, my son is stuck. He’s trapped."

Williams said the loss is especially bad timing, as the teen has a major surgery scheduled in the coming weeks, with mandatory pre-surgery checkups in the coming days.

"You can have the car. Joyride in the car, just drop the chair off. I’ll find a way to come get it, I’ll find a way to come get it," she said.

Williams describes the chair as having black metal with red accents, along with a Superman and Jordan Sticker. 

Anyone with information about the stolen chair is asked to contact the Minneapolis Police Department.