The Goods: St. Paul Saints Twitter scores with fans

The Saint Paul Saints are one part baseball and one part ridiculous fun.

Case in point: a recent Squat-A-Lot-A-Thon for the fans, where the whole stadium started doing squats in the stands.

It's easy to see how the organization is a reflection of part owners Bill Murray, Mike Veeck and others - funny guys who believed independent baseball could survive.

That fun carries over into everything -- including a very funny Twitter feed.

Apparently, the Squat-A-Lot-A-Thon was a Guinness World Record:

They pretended Johnny Depp might stop by:

And on another night they started tweeting exaggerated highlights while they waited through a rain delay, making some fans believe the game had started.

"That's how it started,” said Sean Aronson, the play-by-play and media relations guy. “People wanted weather updates, now we have a captive audience, how are we going to make this entertaining?"

The Twitter account is overseen by Aronson.

“We try to poke fun at the normal every day pop culture things going on," said Aronson.

And when he says "we," he says there's a team behind the random humor and the sarcastic machine.

"Or someone will come to me and say hey let's go with this as joke and I'm just the one in the driver's seat is all it is," he said

He does play-by-play and actually tweets about the game.

"During the game it gets to be a tricky balancing act,” he said. “I have 90 seconds during the game to come up with stuff.

And they are good at interacting with fans.  Remember that rain delay? One fan tweeted he was going to bed.

"He just tweeted ‘going to bed’ and I responded ‘quitter,’” said Aronson.

"If you're following us on Twitter and you're not at the ball game, we want you to be entertained through a different medium," he said.