Teen siblings showing signs of recovery after being hit by stolen vehicle in Minneapolis

Two Minneapolis siblings critically hurt when a carjacker slammed into them are making some progress.

The teenage siblings were walking Monday afternoon to get ice cream when they were violently hit by a car that police say was stolen.

Both went to the hospital with severe injuries and Sunday we learned the sister has been responding well to treatment for her traumatic brain injury.

Nearly a week after prosecutors say 48-year-old Steven Ross stole an SUV then rammed into multiple parked cars before slamming into two teenage siblings, causing this devastating crash, the 19-year-old sister is slightly awake.

Her parents have been keeping loved ones updated on their children’s' conditions through their Facebook page. Their daughter took the brunt of the hit when she was thrown into a bakery window and knocked unconscious.

Saturday morning, her mother posted the 19 year old was: "Going on her last dive in the HCMC hyperbaric chamber, pray for daily and long term benefits of this treatment! Pray she has the best dive ever!!"

The oxygen treatment is said to help with a number of serious conditions and illnesses. The young woman suffered a brain injury and her 14-year-old brother has multiple broken bones and lacerations.

Earlier Sunday, their father posted another encouraging update that his daughter has come off all pain medication and "she has opened both eyes just slightly as we gathered around her bed to encourage her. The MRI showed some damage as expected."

At least two different fundraising efforts are trending on social media to help the family face the long road of recovery for both children.

Authorities say ross admitted to using crack, marijuana and alcohol the day of the incident. The driver has been charged with two counts of criminal vehicular operation and simple robbery.