Teen siblings recovering after Minneapolis crash, carjacking suspect in custody

Two teens are recovering from serious injuries after they were struck by a car Monday afternoon in Minneapolis.

Officials said the two are brother and sister, and the driver who hit them is in custody, suspected of being under the influence.

“Those children did nothing wrong, and yet they will pay an incredible price for it,” said Minneapolis Police Spokesperson John Elder.

If Elder seems frustrated, it’s because the scene at 17th and Lake was so tragic, so disturbing, and so hard to fathom.  

“When you see something so senseless and so violent, that leaves an impact on the officer,” he said.

Minneapolis crash involving stolen car Sept. 30, 2019

The suspect's vehicle stopped just east of Cedar Avenue, where it caught fire.

The two teenagers were hit by a car-jacked vehicle just blocks from their home as the car lost control and struck them before hitting a building.

“You have two teenagers whose lives very well may be altered for crossing the street when the light said Walk,” he said.

The driver, a 48-year-old St. Paul man, has a lengthy criminal history and is expected to be charged this week. He was sentenced to prison for felony drug possession in February, but the sentence stayed for three years with heavy conditions, including treatment.

“There was zero regard for public property, personal safety, lives of others. This was beyond reckless. This was a tragedy,” Elder said.

However, many said it’s amazing, considering the speed and time of day, that more innocent people weren’t hit.

“This had the makings to be incredibly more tragic,” he said.

Note: It is FOX 9 policy not to identify a suspect until he or she has been charged.