Target Field new foods: A Minnesota Nice review

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Chicken tikka salad from Hot Indian

This coming Monday the Minnesota Twins open their 2017 campaign against the Kansas City Royals, but first, it was time for Target Field to show off the new lineup of 2017 foods.

The new menu items, brought to the Twins-going public by some well-known restaurants and food personalities, are a far cry from the peanuts and Cracker Jacks baseball purists run to at Target Field.

Leading off the new items is Hot Indian's Chicken Tikka Salad ($12.50). The slightly spicy and light salad isn't what one usually thinks of when it comes to ballpark food, but it's a fresh choice that would be very refreshing on a hot summer's day. And, I assume, would go quite nicely with a cold beer.

Minnesota's most famous chef/food personality Andrew Zimmern has a few new offerings this year. The most flavorful and unique being the Sloppy Ko Sandwich ($7.50). A mix of Korean BBQ, kimchi, and a soft boiled egg, the Sloppy Ko is tasty with out being over-bearing.

For those who prefer American-style BBQ, there is Murray's Smoked Beef Sandwich ($14.50). A pile of tender smoked beef atop a simple yet light bun, this sandwich's flavors scream summer. Too often BBQ sandwiches rely on heavy sauces that drown out the flavor of the meat. This one keeps the flavors simple (beef) and delicious (beef), and doesn't try to over think it.

Of course, not everything new at Target Field is meat based. The Cookie Cart will be setting up shop for weekend home games. Baseball and fresh baked cookies ($3-$8), what's not to like? The snickerdoodle (the best cookie in this humble author's opinion) was spot on.

After a few hot dogs and a beer or two, a salad might be in order. It's a good thing Roots 4 The Home Team (also only at weekend games) is there with something green and healthy (!) to eat. Their Ode to Minnesota Root Salad (price N/A) overcomes its rather unappetizing name with a great blend of summer flavors.

There is also a vegan brat, shrimp boil, and some Kramarczuk's cheese curds that were closed by the time I had fought traffic and arrived, so sadly I don't have a hot take on them.

Traditionalists fear not, the ball park is still teeming with light beer and hot dogs (a solid combination), but if the play on the field starts to drag, and you think you might need to find your excitement through food, don't shy away from the new food stuffs.