Supermarkets packed as Minnesotans prepare for Thanksgiving feasts

The hustle and bustle of the holidays has officially begun which means a lot of people are doing some last minute grocery shopping before tomorrow's Thanksgiving feast.

Wednesday was one of the top three days for grocery stores and Twin Cities’ supermarkets are living up their tradition of being super busy.

For many shoppers, even at the 11th hour, their shopping lists continue to change.

We are going to serve eight,” said local shopper Annette Gibson. “I thought it was going to be six yesterday.”

For this super mom of four, getting through the festive frenzy at Lunds and Byerlys in Chanhassen is downright impressive, although she did delegate some jobs to her 8-year-old helper who pushed a cart of their own. 

Meanwhile, Todd Porter is figuring out how to fix his feast for 12 all on his own.

“So I got a 24-pound turkey,” Porter said. “I don’t know. When should i start cooking it?”

According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, the average cost of Thursday’s Thanksgiving feast is down for the third year in a row to less than $5 per person.

Shoppers that spoke to Fox 9 Wednesday aren’t focused on the prices too much at this point, but just giving loved ones what they want.

“Some drink called kambucha or whatever,” said Porter. “You don’t even know what you are buying. No, and they are like $4 a piece, they better like it. Better be the right kind,” Porter added.

The President of Operations at Cub Foods and other stores Fox 9 spoke with pride themselves on getting customers what they need as quickly as easily as possible.

“The most common question is where are the fried onions,” said Chad Ferguson, of Cub Foods. “Because everyone does green bean casserole it’s the one time of year they are all looking for fried onions.”

After all, it’s the traditions and kicking of the holiday season many seem to be craving the most.