Superheroes take part in crossfit raise money for the Pinky Swear Foundation

A couple of sweaty superheroes, but will it be Superman or Hulk who wins the battle and saves the world?

“Oh, The Hulk won. The Man of Steel will give it to The Hulk," Noah Emanuel said.

Actually, neither saves the world, but they are both helping to save lives by raising money for the Pinky Swear Foundation. It’s a nonprofit that provides financial and emotional support for families of children with cancer.

“It is such a privilege to be able to do this today. We had about 60 tickets sold. That's 60 people that decided to donate to a super awesome cause,” Emanuel said.

“A great cause. Super touching the Pinky Swear Foundation and I'm just honored," Pat Tait with Crossfit 952 said.

Saturday's fundraiser was at Crossfit 952 in Bloomington. The idea: dress up, show up and sweat. There was a lot of that. There was a witchy workout and an incredible show of pumpkin power.

“To be able to come together as a crew, as a gym. As just people that want to work out and help people is just great,” Lauren McHenry with Crossfit 952 said.

“It makes it fun, and it gives them a reason to get here. Another reason,” Jessica Keesling said.

It wasn't all about how you pump up, but stack up. One of the biggest challenges was all skill and building an Oreo tower can get quite intense.

In the end, about $1,000 was raised for the Pinky Swear Foundation.  This was the first year for the event, but organizers say Captain America, Iron Man, The Viking  and others will join forces again next year.