Small Minnesota town finally gets ballpark lights 'We thought it was kind of a pipe dream'

The town of St. Patrick, a small community in southern Minnesota, likes to keep it simple. They have a ballpark, a bar and a church, but no mayor or city government.

Now, after a successful fundraising effort last year, that ballpark finally has lights. This means the local town ball team, the Irish, will be able to play night games for years to come.

""We thought it was kind of a pipe dream, but now it's reality, and it's just an awesome feeling. I'm so happy for this area," Mike Sticha, president of the St. Patrick’s Athletic Association, told Fox 9. "

Up next: plans to improve the dugout and the stands.

Last year, St. Patrick was part of FOX 9’s Town Ball Tour, in which the Fox 9 team visits and highlights 10 ballparks and communities throughout the state.

The series continues for its fifth edition this year, kicking off May 18 in Cologne.