St. Paul woman’s yard art granted removal extension by city officials

Following a neighborhood controversy surrounding a St. Paul woman being asked by city officials to remove decades worth of art in her yard, an extension has been granted for the project decades in the making.

Community members rallied around Iris Logan’s collection after being pulled into a side meeting apart from the St. Paul City Council's Dec. 6 hearing.

Ultimately, a six-month extension was granted to keep the collection in place until further reviews can be conducted.

The collection of mosaics, stones, and statues is Logan’s way of greeting her neighbors with beauty, FOX 9 reported previously.

The 70-year-old built her front yard gallery throughout the course of 30 years, until a St. Paul Department of Safety inspector took note this fall.

"I hope when people pass by, they can get a sense of peace," Logan told FOX 9.

Logan was told by a city inspector that her collection was a potential safety hazard for the boulevard it goes up against. Written notices were also sent to 16 other properties on Sherburne Avenue.

Since then, neighbors have rallied around her effort – creating a petition and collecting signatures. Led by Justin Lewandowski, more than 600 people have signed on.

She previously had until Dec. 21 to remove everything, including large stones that have since frozen into place due to winter weather conditions.