Man dies after being shot in St. Paul alleyway

A homicide investigation was underway Monday afternoon in St. Paul after a man was found shot in an alley.

Police were called out around 12:30 p.m. to the alley off York Avenue near North Frank Street. At the scene, officers found a victim who had been shot and was later pronounced dead at the scene. Further details about the shooting or the victim were not released.

While not able to speak on the specifics of the investigation, police did say a shooting in broad daylight in the middle of a quiet neighborhood is disturbing.

"This is a tragic, horrible incident," said Sgt. David McCabe. "This neighborhood does not deserve this type of violence. You know, I shudder to think that, you know, children coming home from school in the afternoon stumble across this crime scene and what that means for the neighborhood, what it means for the neighborhood schools. And just collectively, all of our St. Paul community."

Officers are now canvassing the neighborhood, looking for any possible witnesses or evidence of the crime. No arrests have been made.