St. Paul Police Department hits theaters with recruitment campaign aimed at women

Photo Courtesy: St. Paul Police Department

The St. Paul Police Department is hitting the big screen with a special recruitment campaign for women to join the force.

It's part of a new effort bring and keep women in the department. Leaders have worked over the last three years to do so, but Police Chief Todd Axtell says the amount of female applicants still hasn't risen to the level they hope to achieve.

"What we want young girls and young women to see in this video is the fact that they can be themselves and still be a St. Paul police officer," said Chief Axtell. "You don't need to change who you are to be a St. Paul cop."

"I'm just a new officer and St. Paul Police Department has a lot of women that do great things in the community and I hope to follow in their footsteps," said Officer Anna Taylor, who stars in the video.

Mann Theatres will be airing the minute-long video during the previews. The ad follows the story of a girl and her dedication to become an officer. The voiceover takes a fresh spin on the old saying that girls are made "sugar and spice and everything nice" and instead states they are made of "guts and grace and setting the pace."

It cost $5,000 to create the video, which was produced by local filmmaker David Puente.