St. Paul makes history with all-women city council

It was a moment for the history books on Tuesday, as the City of St. Paul swore in its first all-women city council.

Anika Bowie (Ward 1), Rebecca Noecker (Ward 2), Saura Jost (Ward 3), Mitra Jalali (4), Hwa Jeong Kim (Ward 5), Nelsie Yang (Ward 6) and Cheniqua Johnson (Ward 7) all took their oaths of office Tuesday, during a ceremony commemorating the historical moment, which included music, dancing, and remarks by the new council members.

(FOX 9)

Along with all seven council members being women, the members are also mostly women of color and all under the age of 40.

"St. Paul's teaching everybody what leadership looks like and this election has been noticed across the country," said Jalali, who was also elected council president.

The new council will start its service on Wednesday, holding its first official council meeting of the year.