St. Paul house fire: Father gives update on surviving family members

Early in the morning on Jan. 3, a house fire in St. Paul sent seven family members to the hospital. A father of six, Pacheng Vang was at work at the time of the fire; now, he says support from the Hmong community is keeping him strong.

Early on in their investigation, authorities called the fire "accidental," saying it was likely caused by an unattended candle. Pacheng’s wife Ker Lor remains unconscious in the hospital, while her oldest child, a 6-year-old boy, is struggling to regain mobility through therapy at Region’s Hospital.

Pacheng’s daughter has been the bright light in the situation. She was discharged from the hospital about two weeks ago.

"She’s active again like a three-year-old, so we’re really happy that she is back home with family members," Pacheng’s aunt Susan Vang said.

The family is planning separate funerals for the four children. After a FOX 9 report last month, an anonymous donor reached out and donated burial plots.

"I really appreciate her for [doing that] during this tough time," Pacheng said of the donation. "Her help really showed the path, opened the door for us."

The Vang family plans to deactivate this GoFundMe after the last child has been laid to rest.

"The family of Pacheng would like to thank everyone, and we’re really grateful for the ongoing support," Susan finished.