St. Paul City Council to host public hearing on Summit Avenue bike trail proposal

The St. Paul City Council is holding a public meeting Wednesday evening for residents to speak on the proposed Summit Avenue reconstruction plan, including a controversial raised bike lane on the historic street, before voting on it.

The city proposed a $100 million reconstruction plan for Summit Avenue's aging infrastructure, but the idea of adding a raised bike lane is causing a debate among residents. The city council previously held a public hearing on the issue, which caused heated discussions. 

The City Council is hosting another hearing on Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. for residents to voice their opinions on the plan prior to voting on it. Ahead of the meeting, a Ramsey County judge denied a request to block the bike plan. 

In previous meetings, those who supported the project were excited about the increased safety for bikers and pedestrians crossing the road. 

However, those who are against the plan cited concerns about an excessive number of trees being cut down, lack of parking, property values decreasing, additional shoveling of bike paths, and suggestions for focusing on other issues like fixing potholes. 

If the plan gets approved, funding and construction are likely at least five to seven years away.


Summit Ave repair and bike trail debate: What you need to know

Summit Avenue in St. Paul is one of the most iconic stretches of road in Minnesota. A debate over whether the city should add a raised bike lane to the street while repairing it has divided residents and homeowners.