St. Louis Park woman sentenced in deadly stabbing of husband

Alexis Poole (Minnesota Department of Corrections / Supplied)

The St. Louis Park woman who pled guilty to the deadly stabbing of her husband last year has been sentenced.

Alexis Poole, 24, was sentenced this week to 12.5 years behind bars for the death. Poole pled guilty in March to second-degree murder for the slaying. Under the plea deal, she agreed to serve 12.5 years behind bars while prosecutors dismissed a manslaughter count.

The light sentence was likely the result of the victim's, Logan Barham, final words after being mortally wounded.

According to court documents, Barham told officers he had slipped when he was stabbed. At the scene, Poole first told officers that Barham's knee "gave out" and he had accidentally stabbed himself. However, according to the criminal complaint, Poole later changed her story, claiming there had been a fight.

Hennepin County Attorney Mary Moriarty argued that Barham, not realizing he was going to die, had lied to protect his abuser, Poole.

"These are not dying declarations; they are statements from an abuse victim who is trying to protect his abuser," prosecutors argued in court filings. "The court should not admit these statements."

Ultimately, a judge ruled that Barham's statements could be heard at trial, while some of Poole's statements, made before getting a Miranda warning, could not be used.

Poole is being held in the women's prison in Shakopee.